IMOCO4.E at Webinar: Chips in Europe

Titled: Intelligent Mechatronics: Edge-to-Cloud Advancements for Resilient Manufacturing – the IMOCO4.E Project, the project session was featured alongside presentations of EU-funding opportunities for the electronic components and systems held by Caroline Bedran, Director General of the industry association AENEAS and the presentation of Europe’s leading project for industrial metrology and digital twinning MADEin4. Emphasizing key concepts of the project, the session speaker Sajid Mohammed from ITEC (Figure 2) captivated the audience’s attention by focusing on the project’s key concepts of artificial intelligence and digital twins, as well as model-based approaches and industrial IoT philosophies enabling mechatronic systems to become smarter, more configurable, more reliable, while simultaneously pushing their performance toward physical limits. The highly technical topics were presented by the project consortium speaker to more than 170 attending international experts from industry and academia in a manner understandable to technical and non-technical audiences alike. The session received positive feedback and is available to IMOCO4.E consortium and partners on the project YouTube channel here!


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