IMOCO4.E at SEMICON Europa 2022
As key European innovation project, the IMOCO4.E consortium was welcomed at SEMICON Europa 2022 to share its achievements and participate in discussions around the future of Industry 4.0 manufacturing and workforce development.
The IMOCO4.E project at the EFECS Event 2022
Last week, IMOCO4.E project took part at the European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems (EFECS 2022) in Amsterdam on November 24 and 25, 2022.

IMOCO4.E at the Mathworks Industry Day
On the 25th of October of 2022 TEKNIKER (member of the IMOCO4.E Consortium) participated in the Mathworks Industry Day, jointly organized by MathWorks and the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA).
IMOCO4.E at the ETFA 2022 conference
IMOCO4.E partners (UWB, TUE, UNIBS and Tekniker) attended ETFA 2022 conference in Stuttgart, Germany during September 6th – 9th 2022. Within the ETFA 2022 conference, Martin Cech (UWB), Manuel Beschi (UNIBS) and Antonio Visioli (UNIBS) organized a dedicated workshop on "Digital twins, components and systems for smart mechatronic applications".

IMOCO4.E at SEMI Europe 3D and Systems Summit 2022
Leading experts in 3D integration and systems for semiconductor manufacturing applications have gathered at the annual SEMI 3D & Systems Summit, 14-15 June, 2022, in Dresden.
IMOCO4.E at Webinar: Chips in Europe
Intelligent Mechatronics: Edge-to-Cloud Advancements for Resilient Manufacturing – the IMOCO4.E Project, the project session was featured alongside presentations of EU-funding opportunities for the electronic components and systems.

IMOCO4.E at ISS Europe 2022
As key European innovation project, the IMOCO4.E consortium was a welcomed addition to 2022’s Industry Strategy Symposium Europe to share its achievements and views on the future of Industry 4.0 manufacturing.
IMOCO4.E at KDT Brokerage 2022
IMOCO4.E partners attended KDT Brokerage in Brussels during May 3rd - 4th in Brussels.

IMOCO4.E at EFECS 2021 on 23–25 of November 2021
IMOCO4.E was featured as a virtual exhibitor at the European Forum for Electronic Component and Systems (EFECS 2021).
IMOCO4.E at SEMICON Europa 2021 on 16 - 19 November 2021
The IMOCO4.E project was presented for the first time to external audiences during SEMICON Europa 2021.