Intelligent Motion Control under Industry4.E

The IMOCO4.E mission is to provide distributed edge-to-cloud motion control intelligence for a wide range of Human-in-the-Loop Cyber-Physical Systems involving actively controlled moving elements.


IMOCO4.E will deliver a reference platform consisting of AI and digital twin toolchains and a set of mating building blocks for resilient manufacturing applications. The optimal energy efficient performance and easy configurability, traceability and cyber-security are crucial.


The IMOCO4.E platform's benefits will be directly verified in applications for semiconductor, packaging, industrial robotics and healthcare. Additionally, the project will demonstrate the results in other generic “motion-control-centred” domains affecting the entire value chain of the production automation and application markets.

Our mission

IMOCO4.E improves Industry 4.0 manufacturing productivity by:

  • Combining and exploiting novel sensory information, model-based approaches and Industrial Internet-of-Things philosophies to make mechatronic systems smarter, more configurable, more reliable and faster while simultaneously pushing their performance toward physical limits.
  • Assessing the demands placed on future smart manufacturing in Europe from a mechatronics and service-oriented point of view.
  • Establishing joint action of Industry 4.E and other relevant Lighthouse projects towards the identification and development of best practices and methods enhancing the European R&D ecosystem.


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