IMOCO4.E at the ETFA 2022 conference

IMOCO4.E partners (UWB, TUE, UNIBS and Tekniker) attended ETFA 2022 conference in Stuttgart, Germany during September 6th – 9th 2022.


Within the ETFA 2022 conference, Martin Cech (UWB), Manuel Beschi (UNIBS) and Antonio Visioli (UNIBS) organized a dedicated workshop on "Digital twins, components and systems for smart mechatronic applications".


During the 1st day of the ETFA 2022 Conference and within the abovementioned workshop, the IMOCO4.E partners presented the following scientific papers and had the opportunity to exchange views with researchers and practitioners from academia and industry:

  • Chaitanya Jugade (TUE) presented the work done in collaboration with ITEC with title "An evaluation Framework for Vision in the Loop Motion Control Systems".
  • Martin Cech (UWB), together with Manuel Beschi (UNIBS), presented the IMOCO4.E approach for motion control in his talk "Digital Twins and AI in Smart Motion Control applications".
  • Vilém Zán (UWB) presented the work with title "Design of robust PI controller by combining robustness regions with the time domain criteria".
  • Manuel Beschi (UNIBS) presented the paper "Comparing repetitive control strategies in lift applications".
  • Maksims Ivanovs (EDI) introduced the work dealing with "Sim2Real image translation to improve a synthetic dataset for a bin picking task".