IMOCO4.E 2nd Consortium Meeting has been successfully completed!


46 IMOCO4.E partners met for the first time f2f at the 2nd Consortium Meeting in Riga, Latvia in September 20 – 22nd, 2022. 


The meeting started with a guided tour at EDI’s (Institute of Electronics and Computer Science) premises and then WP Leaders presented the progress, the status and the first results of the projects’ technical WPs. IMOCO4.E coordinator, Arend-Jan Beltman (Sioux Technologies), released the 1st promotional video of the project!! The 2nd day, the way of working in the context of Building Blocks was presented extensively. All partners participated in 6 dedicated Workshops to plan and prepare upcoming work and deliverables. The 3rd day, the progress, and short-term plans of overall project management and dissemination, communication, exploitation and standardization activities have been presented while partners participated in 2 more dedicated Workshops discussing the upcoming activities. 


Overall and during this three-day meeting, the IMOCO4E partners had the opportunity to meet each other for the first time, to discuss the technical progress, to explore possible collaborations within the project and towards the BBs, pilot and use cases implementation and to present their short-term plans preparing the upcoming work and deliverables.  


IMOCO4.E partners will meet again in the next Consortium Meeting in Gipuzkoa, Spain on March 2023.