IMOCO4.E project at the European Conference Control ECC2023

On Friday, June 16th, 2023, Siemens Industry Software Romania and IMOCO4.E project had a special session at the European Conference Control ECC2023


During the Siemens Industry Software session, Raluca Raia from SISW, gave a presentation entitled “Executable Digital Twin. From simulations to reality” ( where the main topics presented were related on how to:

  • Use Simcenter Amesim within the framework proposed by IMOCO4.E to build a high-fidelity virtual model of an industrial system.
  • Improve the physics-based model and used algorithms to match reality by using XiL (Model and Software in the Loop).
  • Augment the xDT with new data using Kalman filters.
  • Perform predictive maintenance, discover effects early and push the device to the limit to make sure it is safe and reliable.
  • Install the developed xDT on the edge, in the cloud.


Stay tuned for more!



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