IMOCO4.E partners attended ETFA 2023 conference in Sinaia, Romania during September 12th – 15th 2023

IMOCO4.E partners (Siemens, ITEC, UNISS, UWB, UNIBS, WEG, Tekniker and TUE) attended ETFA 2023 conference in Sinaia, Romania during September 12th – 15th 2023.

A dedicated IMOCO4.E workshop titled " Second Workshop on Digital twins, components and systems for smart mechatronic applications" was organized during the 1st day of the ETFA 2023 Conference, following a similar workshop held at ETFA 2022.

The IMOCO4.E partners presented nine scientific papers resulting from the activities carried out within the project:

  • Sajid Mohamed (ITEC) presented the “The IMOCO4.E reference framework for intelligent motion control systems” paper which present a general IMOCO4.E project framework and where several partners contributed. Also, the common TUE-ITEC work “A Structured Inference Optimization Approach for Vision-Based DNN Deployment on Legacy Systems” was presented by Sajid.
  • Václav Helma (UWB) presented the papers “Maintenance Reduction of Medical Robotic Manipulators through Automatic Data-Driven Updates of Feedforward Control” and “Robust and optimal design of fixed structure controllers in collocated motion systems”.
  • Calin Husar (Siemens) presented the papers “Simulation Model and Validation Method Analysis of an Electric Passenger Elevator” and “Condition Monitoring of Industrial Elevators Based on Machine Learning Models” developed based on Siemens – WEG – UNIBS collaboration focused on industrial drive dedicated for lift application.
  • Luca Pulina (UNISS) presented the papers “Verification of NNs in the IMOCO4.E Project: Preliminary Results” and “Vector Reconstruction Error for Anomaly Detection: Preliminary Results in the IMOCO4.E Project”.
  • Mikel Armendia (Tekniker) presented the paper “Dynamic Accuracy Optimization for NC controlled Industrial Robots”.

During and after the workshop, the IMOCO4.E researchers had the chance to engage in discussions with both academic researchers and industry practitioners, facilitating the exchange of ideas and perspectives.


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