IMOCO4.E at the DSPE 2023 meeting on precision mechatronics

Sioux and the TU/e made inspiring contributions to the DSPE 2023 Conference on precision mechatronics, 26-27 September 2023. The conference – by & for technologists, designers and architects in precision mechatronics - was centered around the theme 'Rethinking the system', which is inspired by current global issues like sustainability, prosperity, the footprint of our modern society and scarcity of energy and resources.


IMOCO4.E partners gave a range of impactful presentations to disseminate knowledge developed within the project to the precision mechatronics community:

  • Martijn Wijns and Jesper Huijgens (both Sioux) hosted a plenary presentation on the role of VR and digital twins in the system design of mechatronic medical systems;
  • Lennart Blanken (Sioux & TU/e) gave a live demo and poster presentation on the performance potential of learning of physics-based feedforward controllers for position-dependent mechatronic systems;
  • Caspar Gruijthuisen (Sioux) gave a poster presentation on the benefits of adaptive model-based control techniques for low-cost systems;
  • Max van Haren (TU/e) gave a poster presentation on FRF identification above the Nyquist frequency;
  • and Max van Meer (TU/e) gave a poster presentation on optimal identification and robust control for motor commutation.