IMOCO4.E 2nd Review Meeting has been successfully completed on Nov 9th, 2023

The Review Meeting, hosted by SIOUX and ITEC, took part in Eindhoven and Nijmegen! It started with a short pitch of the IMOCO4.E coordinator, Arend-Jan Beltman. Τhen, the IMOCO4.E WP leaders presented extensively the technical progress that has been carried out so far as well as their short-term plans preparing the upcoming work and deliverables.


During the 2nd IMOCO4.E review meeting, along with the WP presentations, many videos and live demonstrations were introduced to the reviewers and the EU project officer. They had the opportunity to observe live demonstrations and videos of the Pilots, Demonstrations, and Use Cases that had been specifically set up for the meeting. They were also briefed on the progress, developments, and results of each IMOCO4.E Building Block through video presentations and posters.


In addition, all participants were given a guided tour of ITEC's premises, where they were able to experience more IMOCO4.E live demonstrations and learn about the project's achievements.


The Review meeting ended up smoothly with positive feedback from the reviewers!


🎉 Congratulations to our partners for their great work and presentations 🎉


Stay tuned for more!



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