UC1 Sensing and Control Meeting has been successfully completed!

From January 23rd to January 25th, a collaborative meeting took place at WEG Automation Europe involving the University of Brescia, University of West Bohemia and BRNO University of Technology. The focus of the gathering was to integrate promising solutions developed in BB3, BB5, and BB6 into the UC 1  WEG Lift Tower system. The team successfully connected two new sensors created by UWB and BRNO to the lift cabin, enabling the collection of vibration data in real-time. These sensors can gather vibration information through data fusion of accelerometers and gyroscopes, achieving a sampling rate of up to a frequency rate more than 30kHz. 


The collected data, including live runtime vibration information, current, and speed, is processed in real-time using statistical methods, artificial intelligence (supported by UNISS), and digital twin techniques (supported by SIEMENS). This approach facilitates active condition monitoring of the system, aiming to enhance performance and prevent potential damage. Throughout the meeting, the team assessed vibration control and component monitoring, exchanging valuable information and tools to facilitate the integration of these new features into the system. 


The face-to-face meeting was marked by a strong spirit of collaboration among the entire team, making it a highly productive session. 


Stay tuned for more!



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