IMOCO4.E Clustering Event and final Consortium Meeting wrap up in Athens!

The IMOCO4.E M34 Consortium meeting and the IMOCO4.E Clustering event, held on June 18th and 19th, 2024 in Athens, Greece, concluded successfully as a two-day hybrid meeting.


The IMOCO4.E Clustering Event itself was a networking success, fostering connections between representatives from 36 different projects. Over 60 participants showcased their impressive work within the thematic areas of motion control and digital twins.


Meanwhile, the IMOCO4.E Consortium meeting focused on internal discussions. Consortium members reviewed technical progress on project results, including work packages, pilots, demonstrators, use cases, and building blocks. Additionally, they addressed exploitation plans and ensured a smooth project closure targeted for August 2024.


Looking ahead, the next major milestone is the Final Review Meeting scheduled for October in Limerick, Ireland.


Stay tuned for further updates!



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