Pilot 2: Semiconductor production

Lead partner: ITEC B.V., NL

The ADAT3-XF is Nexperia ITEC’s latest die attach platform for semiconductor manufacturing. It is developed for producing semiconductor components in high volumes and thus at high-speed and high-accuracy, in order to be competitive. Its basic purpose is to pick semiconductors from a diced wafer, inspect these for damage, and place them onto a substrate. The substrate can be a copper lead frame, a plastic tape, an RFID antenna, and substrates can be discrete or endless (reels). The placement involves gluing, taping or soldering the device to the substrate. The ADAT3-XF is capable of achieving outputs of up to 72000 products per hour. The machine is part of a production line, and together, many such production lines form a factory. In general, a production line consists of the following steps: die preparation, die attach, bonding, and encapsulation (or moulding).


The main objectives in IMOCO4.E are to demonstrate: i) improved accuracy and production rate of the ADAT3-XF; ii) predictable performance across multiple machines and production lines (process portability) and iii) process optimization at the level of the entire production line or factory.