Pilot 3: High speed packaging

Lead partner: CRIT, IT

Pilot 3 focuses on the improvement of state-of-the-art packaging machines leveraging on the technologies to be developed in IMOCO4.E. In detail, main objective of this pilot is to assess the feasibility of improving automatization for quality checks and alarm detection throughout a whole high-speed packaging process. In this perspective, the AI based machine vision technology from BB2 in combination with the Smart control platform from BB4 will help to ensure good quality output, whilst results from BB6 will deliver real-time condition monitoring to enable prompt reaction to possible alarms. Finally, secure communication will be based on BB9. Within Pilot 3, IMOCO4.E will be implemented and tested in at least digital twin environments and in practice when feasible (e.g., using a hardware-in-the-loop emulator).


Check here Machine model - components (drawings)